Nice to meet you, let’s get married

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Okay, so Matt and I have known each other for a whole 6 weeks and we are officially engaged. Yes, engaged. We were flying back and forth between Utah and California every 2 weeks, FaceTime calling each day for hours, talking and texting till midnight each day…can I just say how exhausting a long distance relationship is? Oh my.

And just look at this picture of little Quinton who is Facetiming his soon-to-be-new mommy! <And just to add he hasn’t had a mommy since he was 16 months old and at the time of this picture he just had his 3rd birthday.>

Between working a full time job, being the only parent to care for my children, maintaining a home, running the kids to sports/gymnastics class and therapy, going through a difficult probate for my deceased husband… I was running myself ragged. Matt and I both got to the point where we were saying “when can we just be married, settle in to that ‘calmer’ life with a companion, stop flying back and forth to see each other, and start our new life”?

What was the answer? Well, get married right away of course!

I wasn’t ready to move out of California till my children were out of school so we decided to get married in April during Spring Break and have a long distance marriage till school was out in June.

And just like that, I scheduled our engagement photo shoot and Matt planned our honeymoon. I notified my job that I would be leaving, telling friends and family I was getting married, and started planning the BIG move.

It was all settling in that I had made this big choice and I was at total peace.

Did I say peace? Look at these engagement photos and just picture yourself trying to manage 8 children and all look decent. We had an amazing photographer hahahaha!

So I mentioned I was at peace but that didn’t mean my oldest son was. For example, as we were all getting ready for this photo shoot my son had a shirt he planned on wearing that neither Matt or I approved of. It was my deceased husband’s shirt, it has a tear in it, and it was plaid and just wasn’t going to match. So, Matt offered up his extra shirts he had packed: a plain white button up or plain black–his choice. He refused saying “no thank you, I’ll wear the shirt I have”. Uhhhh, no you’re not.

Insert contention and fear of “is this disagreement about a shirt going to blow up into something bigger”….

So we loaded up into the car headed to the photo site…about an hour late. During the car ride one child dumped water on the next child’s head after I JUST DID THEIR HAIR! Clothes are wet, I’m mad, hair is a mess, we are almost to the site, and my son still has the shirt on that Matt and I both disapprove of and doesn’t want to change.

So Matt finally speaks up, “do you want to put that other shirt on now or when we get there?”

“When we get there” he says. I know how badly he wants to start something but….Phew, he did it, he changed. He gave a little attitude, but he changed into the shirt we wanted and off we went!

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