The Nanny Quit so We Ordered a Mom Instead

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After Amy died, Matt began his venture on the nanny train…hire one, they quit, hire another one, she moves, hire another one…you get the idea. He had a morning nanny and an afternoon nanny and at times he didn’t have anyone and he would have to bring the littles to work with him. Life was hard for Matt being a single dad with five children and running his practice. Finding a wife was a top priority for him, especially a mother for his children.

Almost two years of searching andddd Boom-I was found! Matt might think he is the one who got lucky finding me, but for me, I hit the jackpot! Finding Matt was great but his kids were even better. Matt shared with me that some of the women he dated were a little weary to take on five children…I can understand that. I’m glad they were weary, because now they’re mine.

<and I must confess…before I met Matt I told all of my friends I was going to remarry someone in their 70’s because I didn’t want the drama of an ex-wife or become a dreaded step-mom. Funny how life works out->

We married the first week of April and I wasn’t moving to Utah till June. We had a long distance marriage for a few months till my kids got out of school. Flying back and forth every two weeks. After returning from our honeymoon Matt started having problems with one of the nannies. He would call me and we would talk about it and I felt helpless being in another state. I felt I should be there but I couldn’t…and I was supposed to be the new mom. Well, he got the dreaded call from the nanny, “Friday will be my last day”. NOOOOOooo, we only needed her to work for a few more months till I moved to Utah!! Ugh. This was the 11th nanny the kids had and he was needing to look for another one to take the job for only a few months….I hated that idea. I was now the mom, they should be in my care, not a nanny….

“Send the little boys to live with me in California” I said. Great idea! And that’s just what we did. Matt and I met in Las Vegas and I got the boys: Brendan was 5 and Quinton just turned three. I hadn’t even lived with Matt officially yet and here I was getting the boys haha!

Maggie and I drove to Las Vegas. Here is a video of me asking her what she thought about getting 2 new brothers:

Well, I went from having 3 kids to five and I had a tiny townhouse. We just squished. The boys hadn’t had a mother for close to 2 years now so I wasn’t sure how it would go. But I got right to showing them “mom work” and that meant laundry hahaha!

The boys came to my work with me and in the evenings we would barbecue and go swimming in our pool….I think they liked it. All five kids got along great. Matt visited every other weekend till the move–that was exhausting for him traveling back and forth. He was REALLY looking forward to the move in June!

And the best part of the boys moving to California with me was the beach!

How wonderful for me that I got to live with the boys and just be their mom even before I lived with my new husband!

They still called me “Lisa Mom” and I was fine with that. Actually, Quinton called me “Wisa”.

Life was great in California, just needed to pick outa house for our new family to move into in Utah. Home shopping online is stressful. especially when you have no idea where anything is located because you have literally only been to the new state a couple times in your whole life.

I prayed daily for the perfect home to appear.

2 Replies to “The Nanny Quit so We Ordered a Mom Instead”

  1. Thanks for sharing your blended life. My husband and I have been remarried for almost 10 months now. We have 11 kids between us. 6 are at home, 2 are married, 1 is a senior in high school so we didn’t want to move him his last year so he is living with a friend, the other 2 are on their own, and one grandbaby that was born the day after we got engaged. We are very happy and feel incredibly blessed. We love our life! Yes, there are challenges, but we work on them together and that’s what makes the difference. It’s amazing how you can still love your late spouse but also be in love with your new spouse at the same time. We bought a bus and call it our “blended” bus. We drove the bus to Lake Powell for our “familymoon” after we got married, and after my husband and I went on our own honeymoon. My daughter that is married put some pictures on her Instagram from Lake Powell and said how much fun it was. She said, “there are just more people to love”. I think that says it all. There are just more people to love.


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