A Home with a Castle in it? Sold!

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I planned a trip to Utah for the sole purpose of home shopping. If I was leaving beautiful California, and all that I knew, then I wanted to be excited about my move to Utah. The perfect home was completely necessary for me.

Matt and I discussed staying in the home he and Amy shared and I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t feel uncomfortable there, and it was a nice home, but if my children and I had to relocate to start over, we ALL were going to start over.

I can tell you that THIS issue right here wasn’t easy. Homes have such an attachment for so many people. It’s the place where lifetime memories are made, we make it OUR SPACE, and it hurts so bad to pack up and leave.

I didn’t feel it was right for me to start our new life as a blended family in a space that was created by another woman. Kind of just weird. I didn’t want to be compared by the neighbors, compared at church on Sunday, and I wasn’t going to deal with issues when I was changing decor. I wanted MY house. Yes, I could have made it mine, but we needed additional square footage anyways so the search continued for the perfect home.

One particular home that Matt and I liked earlier in our search went off the market so we found a couple other homes and scheduled to see them when I arrived. Right before I flew to Utah, the home we liked came back on the market so we added that one to the list!

Each home we entered felt like it was going to take a lot to make it feel like a home. Upgrades, rooms, the layout….then we entered the home that was added to our list. This was the one. The second I walked in, I knew this was the place. I wasn’t crazy about wood and rustic, but this felt like our home. It’s where we needed to be. The bonus feature was the castle playroom upstairs and upon the tour–the kids were sold! I could picture our future here, possibly adding a new child, plenty of space for our 8 children, and a place to make memories.

So we bought it.

Now we were ready to pack me up in California and move to Utah!

Home Sweet Home

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