Feeling Alone in Your Blended Family Journey?

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Have you ever felt alone in your Blended family journey as if no one understands YOUR circumstances? You feel like there is no other family dealing with the same issues YOU are and no one REALLY “gets it”?? Well, you shouldn’t! Take a look at the staggering statistics here. There are between 29-30 million Americans who are step parents!

If you can believe it:

•40% of married couples with children are step couples

•13% of adults are stepparents

•16.5 million men are stepdads

•14 million women are stepmoms

•1/3 of all weddings in the US form stepfamilies.


This article also states that 113.6 million Americans have a step relationship.

For instance: Just myself alone, I have a stepmom, a stepdad, a step grandma, and I am a stepmom. That’s a lot of step relationships for one person, don’t you think?

Someone out there HAS to be able to commiserate with us, right? Yes!

My purpose in sharing this is to let you know that you are not alone!

If you feel you need some support for your family, I’ve listed some links below. Also, please check your local community centers as there are typically support groups held.

We CAN do this!

Smart Step Families

Blended Family Focus

Focus On the Family

Hand in Hand

Empowering Parent

If you live in Utah County, here is some local help:

The Family Academy

Smart Steps for Stepfamilies (7 week course)

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