Kids Have Love Languages Too! Links Provided to Quiz, Printable Guide

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I’m sure you’ve heard of the book “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. Such an incredible book that has been around since 1995. But did you know there is a version to discover your child’s love language?

If you are currently struggling right now to connect with your child or step child, this might be helpful.

I know I tend to get into a rut and end up being frustrated, so anything new is worth a try!

Knowing your child’s love language can help you to be more effective in meeting their emotional needs, discipline more effectively, and help them to learn better.

Every parent and Step parent can benefit from this!!!

Maybe your child/step child is in need of one of the following:

*Physical Touch: needs more cuddles

*Words of Affirmation: would love to have a handwritten note saying how great of a job they did during their soccer game

*Quality Time: would love to play a game of cards together

*Gifts: might enjoy a special gift of their favorite candy bar or treat

*Acts of Service: would love for you to make their favorite meal, just because

This is a great activity for a family night!

Here is a link to have your child/stepchild take the test to discover their love language (ages 9-12):

Children’s love language test link

Here is a link to a printable guide that I found:

Printable Guide from Busy Kids Happy Mom

If you have never heard of the Love Language books then here is a great overview and explanation:

Overview of Love Languages for Children

Free Printables! Here is the code for the free printables: bkhmsubfreebie

This book is currently on Amazon for less than $15 if you’re interested!

Have you read this book or had any experience with it?

2 Replies to “Kids Have Love Languages Too! Links Provided to Quiz, Printable Guide”

  1. I just took the test last year for an assignment for a college class. I had to have 3 members of my family take it as well. It was eye-opening. I did something wrong when I took it the first time. I didn’t see anything that would save my results, so I ended up taking it before and after my husband took it. I found that after he got a Zero on gifts that my score on gifts went up significantly. Does that make me contrary?

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    1. On the free printables link there is a printable quiz….maybe you should take that test? That way you have proof of your answers and the results!🤣🤣
      It is eye opening and does help you to love others the way that is the most effective❤️


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