Pick One: Blog, Facebook, or Instagram

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I go through times where social media becomes too overwhelming. The drama, the feelings of inadequacy, and sometimes the judgement. Your personal Facebook and Instagram are generally filled with people you know (friends and family) which can be a great way to keep in touch, or NOT. And sometimes logging off (or taking a little hiatus) just makes you feel better.

However, when I started blogging again-here on WordPress–after probably 12 years–I discovered a new crowd. A crowd of strangers. Followers and fellow bloggers that I’ve never met and completely enjoy!

I love the blogging community!

Coming to WordPress, for me, has allowed me to learn so much. I love seeing and reading about all of the happenings from around the world, reading the funny stories, learning about people’s lives and struggles, and so on.

But the BEST part of the blogging world is the respectful nature of comments I’ve seen. Wisdom, compassion, suggestions, kindness, and genuine thought go into most comments I’ve seen. I have felt as though bloggers are above the “keyboard warrior” mentality (mostly seen on FB) and it’s refreshing.

I’ve slowly pulled away from Facebook, mainly because of their constant changing. I have a list of “friends” on their that I LOVE to keep in contact with and yet FB only shows me a fraction of my friend list. I wish they would bring back chronological order again! And at times FB can be boring because the same group of friends post and I never get to see anything new.

Instagram has become the new shopping mall. I love it but if we are all being just really, super, duper, honest here….this app can cause you to mayyyybe feel a little bit bad about yourself or your life. Everyone has a perfectly lit photo, amazing destination, their hair and make up on point, and clothes put together nicely. Good thing I also follow a ton of funny “mom” pages because they are all so real and look a hot mess like me ha!

If I had to choose a favorite between WordPress, FaceBook, or Instagram I would have to choose blogging! I’m so sad it isn’t as popular as it once was…hoping to bring that back!

If you had to choose ONE as your favorite, what would you pick?

31 Replies to “Pick One: Blog, Facebook, or Instagram”

  1. God was so loving and wise to lead me to WordPress, and extremely generous and thoughtful to allow me to be a part of a loving and supportive community! I am with you! Praise His Holy Name! God loves you!

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  2. Blogging of course!

    I feel Facebook and Instagram are great ways to connect and share but it doesn’t take much thought to post on either, which is why they are so popular compared to WordPress. Also, they are easily misused for attention getting purposes.

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    1. You are so right-little to no thought goes into the post on FB and Insta—probably why there are so many keyboard warriors ready to battle anyone’s post. I always feel like telling these people “write your feelings and thoughts out before pressing send!”

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  3. I have not hidden my feelings about this. I cannot believe the amount of time that has been returned to me and the amount of toxicity that all of those SM platforms emit. I know not everyone could do it, let alone leave it behind for an evening (my kids included) but if they did, I do think they might actually notice that they were/are happier. It was tough, but after about 3 days of having my facebook deactivated, I deleted my face, insta, twitter apps and haven’t thought twice. I will admit, I do still have my messenger app so anyone on Facebook can reach me (thank goodness you don’t have to sign in to FB to use it, or it would be gone to! Love this post!

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    1. I follow Collin Kartchner on Insta and he does assemblies at schools talking to kids about the dangers of social media and how much happier you can be by deleting SnapChat and all social media.
      It’s pretty sad all the stories he shares about how kids feel ignored by their parents who would rather be on their phones. Also, the only time the kids get recognition is when their parent post a picture of them with “my child is so great blah blah blah”
      Ugh, sad!

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      1. Being in the classroom it does sadden me how they rely on these phones. Some FaceTiming in class. It is insane. And they are good at it. Of course the more strict the rules the more creative the methods to hide what they are doing. It really is disturbing. And I can say first hand, my family dynamic changed as these platforms developed and grew and keep growing. There were fewer “family meals” and “family trips” and when we did go away, looking back now, we really didn’t spend time as a family. It’s so sad and yes I would have done so many things different. But hindsight… there just has to be more done, more ways to counter the technology with methods to reign in the usage. I know not very likely but it is a nice thought.

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      2. I know I’ve had to really be creative with rules for electronic devices and my kids have grown older. I’ve had to limit their time, not allow certain apps, and at night all phones are charged downstairs and not in bedrooms.
        These phones have become so addictive!


  4. I have definitely thought the same about how the readers/commenters on WordPress are so much more respectful and kind than people on facebook and other social media sites. I’m a new follower of yours – looking forward to reading more!

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      1. For everyone! I was asked by a friend to join it. I used it for about a week only to realise that I became a video cam keeping a check on their daily routines. 😀


      2. Yep! And to add to that, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook introduced the stories and status features. I recently uninstalled Facebook from my phone. My life seems much more merrier 😀 Next turn for Instagram. If official conversations didn’t take place over Whatsapp, I would have got rid of this app too 😛

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  5. One of the things I was not prepared for when I started blogging is how important being part of the blogging community is. Bloggers are, for the most part, kind, generous and helpful. Welcome back!

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  6. Blogging for sure. Facebook would go first. I’ve deleted it before but always keep Twitter. Instagram, I don’t care for. Also, it’s nice to see a big family on here. My wife and I have 5 sons; it can be hard to find time and space to write/blog, but I manage.

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