Over 10,000 Views, 3,000 Visitors, and a Whole Lot of Comments—Some Fun Analytics!

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I’ll admit, I LOVE stats! However, I am not sure how it all works on WordPress so I don’t pay too close attention to the details. But it sure is fun to see how far we have come!

I do want to reach out to everyone and say THANK YOU for stopping by, following, reading, liking, commenting, sharing, and I especially love when you reach out to me personally and send an email. I am here for those of you who might need to ask a few extra questions that I don’t cover here on the blog.

Blogging has been a great outlet for us and we have enjoyed sharing our experiences!

Here is a list of our top 5 “Most Viewed” post:

1. I’m Happily Remarried and Feel Guilty About It

2. My Two Rings

3. Five Years

4. An Unexpected Mother’s Day

5. Finally Hitting the Angry Stage if Grief After Four Years. Why?

We hope you are all enjoying Labor Day Weekend!

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