Is There a “Like” School Somewhere?!! Ugh!

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Is there a business or school out there telling people that in order to grow your business, blog, or social media following it is best to “LIKE” other people’s posts….like 15 of them in a row? No comments, just a trail of likes…

STOP IT!!!!!!

I get it, I know the game:

I see that you’ve “liked” 15 of my posts so you think that would make me want to visit your page and “like” and follow you….


I won’t do it and you’ve actually just annoyed me.

Whatever company or book you’ve read this in that is suggesting this method is a great way of getting noticed is wrong. It’s actually rude and fake.

You see, being genuine is what it’s all about. Follow or leave a real comment and that karma comes back.


17 Replies to “Is There a “Like” School Somewhere?!! Ugh!”

  1. It always amuses me to ‘like’ these ranty posts about excessive ‘likes’!
    Seriously, I turned off the notifications on my phone so that I wasn’t disturbed. There were several nights when I would be woken up with incessant pinging – that did it for me!

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    1. Thankfully I turned my notifications off a long time ago with WP! But my goodness, when I log on and see all the disingenuous “likes” I feel like replying with “I’m not visiting your page so stop. It’s rude”


    1. I wonder who is teaching this method? Is there a blogger who has listed this as one of their “How to get More Followers”?? I sure hope not.
      Being real and leaving real comments or likes is the best in my opinion❤️

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    1. Oh Lily I’m talking about people who do not follow but come to your page and will “like” a ton of post all at once—like 15 to 20 of them. These people will never follow your page or comment ONLY “like” till you visit their page and follow them to make it stop. It’s a way of getting your attention so that you will visit their page. It’s a business building method that is taking off and isn’t genuine in my opinion.
      I appreciate your follow and likes all the time!!
      I also follow several blogs that I may not relate to first hand and only like their posts or I leave a comment about the way it touched me-but it’s genuine just like you❤️

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  2. I won’t click “like”, but I actually love this post. I have binge likers visit my blog, followed by 30 emails where they caught up on my posts. I have been guilty of binge reading a particular blog I like and like the posts that connect with me. This almost sounds like one of my preaching rants to keep people’s attention:).

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    1. I do the same at times but to people that I follow-I love getting caught up too.
      It’s the people who do not follow you, do not intend to follow you, and then attack you with likes so you will visit their page. Ugh!

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