Parenting in 2018: Gender Confusion…I Just talked to my kids about what Non-Binary is…

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My 16 year old son shared a YouTube video with Matt and I called “Change My Mind with Steven Crowder: There are Only 2 Genders”

Here is the link if you want to see it. You NEED to see this. Some of you won’t believe that this is what is actually happening in America.

We were floored. I had no idea there were people that believe there are more than two genders or that some people actually don’t want to have a gender and are called non-binary. Huh?!!! How can you have NO gender?

When I was growing up I wasn’t taught that there were 2 genders, it was actually never discussed. When people had babies they were either a boy or a girl. Period. End of story.

In my youth I did hear of stories of babies born with both male and female parts but this was something very rare.

Well, welcome to 2018!

After watching this video and seeing college kids actually try and debate (and get into a heated discussion) I can’t stop thinking “when did there become more than 2 genders and who created this idea????”

My younger children overheard Matt and I talking about the video and I’ll post the video below of the conversation I had with the kids. I tried to explain that some people choose to be non-binary and don’t want to be labeled as male or female….you can listen to their reaction. Especially my 10 year old daughter–she’s not accepting this theory at all🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

But the question is: Do I really have to accept this theory that some people don’t want to be labeled as male or female?

And as a parent do I have to teach my children this too?!!!!

Yes, I do feel I need to teach my children to be kind and inclusive to all but I don’t feel I need to fall into this type of thinking that I don’t believe in.

What are your thoughts???

12 Replies to “Parenting in 2018: Gender Confusion…I Just talked to my kids about what Non-Binary is…”

  1. I honestly think you do more harm than good trying to explain insanity to children. I think they learn more from your example than they do from any discussions or lectures.

    I would just let it play out over time. The best part of all of this nonsense is it makes it easier to know who people really are, and it makes it easier for you to decide who you want to be around.

    I just hope they are not getting this nonsense rammed down their throats at school. That’s my only real concern.

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    1. So true. My children’s reaction was spot on what I wanted to hear. They know what is right and that this idea that there is someone with “no gender” is wrong.
      And their school had better NEVER teach this!!

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  2. I think it’s pretty nonsensical, but it’s definitely a real thing–at least on college campuses and in liberal circles. My boss for a job I had at college last year was an older white man with a wife and children, yet he felt the need to include his preferred pronouns at the end of his email signatures. I’m not totally sure if it passed, but there was a bill in California proposed as law that would let people identify as non-binary for the gender on their driver’s license.

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      1. I could not get over the person said if you refer to her as a female than it’s “an act of violence”?!!!! Because she doesn’t want to have a gender and we are not allowed to refer to her as a “she” or we are being violent?!!!
        It’s just mental illness at its finest

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    1. How could California do that?!! I mean if you are pulled over and arrested, they check your drivers license, what jail do they put these people in?!!!
      You HAVE to be one or the other. As a society, there has to be rules!

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  3. I’ve been loosely following this throughout the past few years. It boggles my mind. It seems that it just keeps getting worse. Like it’s a virus that we have no cure for. Just more and more people get infected.
    There are no real arguments to their side. It’s all about emotions as the host said. “I don’t want to be this. You need to accept that.”
    And your kid said it so well: “Then, what are they?”
    I can understand that a female can ask a guy out in today’s society, but that doesn’t mean that she is not a girl. Gender roles are changing, and it has quite a bit to do with character. Nothing wrong with that.
    But to argue sex/ gender?

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  4. It is amazing that we only had 2 genders until the last few years. Now we have 62.947502? God said it clearly – MALE and FEMALE. Those who hold to these new theories should not try to force them on Bible-believers and vice versa. The Christian community must learn how to love and address these issues. There is so much more I could say, but I will refrain.

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    1. I could say so much more as well but I really want to show love and kindness to all.
      I’m not really sure how to address this issue other than to tell my children God created man and woman. Period.
      …and to show love to the human who claims they are an amphibian 😊

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      1. You met a human that claims to be amphibian? Did you see a mermaid?

        I was a DL Examiner for a short time and had several transgenders in front of me for gender change on their licenses. If surgical gender change is what they feel they need to do to go on living & be happy, there are plenty of doctors that will help them & take their money. I hope it does make them happy. There is too much suffering already.

        But, these folks that want to be ‘labeled’ as…whatever and demand to be addressed as…whatever… Isn’t your name sufficient enough?

        The ‘non-binary’ distinction is a little creepy. That is a computer term. That smacks of Artificial Intelligence and if anyone wants to merge themselves with a computer/robot/android, I fear the complete destruction of humanity.

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      2. Sadly, I have never met a mermaid or amphibian human before. I’m sure they would liven up my friend circle though!
        Maybe one of these people would be even more fun to know:
        They truly feel they are wolf’s.

        The part that is the scariest is in the Crowder show that I linked, the woman claimed that if you do not do as she demands and call her by the correct pronoun then you are physically assaulting her.
        I mean, seriously?!!!
        She looks like a woman!!
        Yes, humans should not try to merge with computer/robot types, it just doesn’t make sense

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