Hello Sorrow, My Old Friend. I Knew You Would Show Up…

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The holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Festive music playing, delicious food cooking, gift sharing, and happy gatherings with those you love.

…Except if you have lost someone you love, these times might be the most DIFFICULT time of the year.

It’s a constant reminder they are never coming back.

Never to eat one of their famous dishes they used to make, kiss them under the mistletoe, engage in a family tradition, or you might be reflecting on all they are missing out on…such as watching your children’s delight on Christmas morning.

You might even be feeling as if “this is not my story” or “this is not how I planned my life to be”!!

This reality happens to other people, not me. Right?

And yet, here we all are. Carrying on in life.

I want those of you who are struggling right now to know you are not alone. You are not the only one hurting during these “festive” seasons.

Reach out and talk to someone, tell them you are hurting. If you have no one to call, email me. I am here.

9 Replies to “Hello Sorrow, My Old Friend. I Knew You Would Show Up…”

  1. I can relate to Thanksgiving and Christmas being dreaded holidays at one time. It was the week of Thanksgiving five years ago that I resigned my first pastorate, and the news of my separation and divorce spread like wildfire. She and I separated on December 13 because the church forced her out of the parsonage, and I returned the kids to her for the first time on Christmas Day. Life has gotten easier. I don’t dread these holidays as I once did, but they are definitely not the same. I’m thankful for the healing God has provided and the joy I now experience.

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