Look What Can Happen When You Accept A Friend Request…

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4 years ago today I accepted this mans Facebook friend request. We were part of the same FB support group for widows and widowers so I figured he was pretty safe🤣

Little did we know that only FOUR MONTHS later we would be married, I would leave California and move to Utah, and I would become “mom” to his 5 children.

Today, four years later, we are making a quick run to Walmart to grab a couple “back up shirts” for family picture day that is tomorrow. Amazing what can happen in 4 years!

Every day with him is my favorite.

I love my marriage, I love being a stepmom, and I am so grateful for stepping out of my comfort zone and saying yes to a friend request.

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13 Replies to “Look What Can Happen When You Accept A Friend Request…”

  1. I’m catching up on reading your blog and I too accepted my widowed husband’s friend request and married 4 months later which included moving to another state (maybe we already talked about that on the phone). Anyway, thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom on the blog, in the support groups, and on the phone! Hope you and your big, beautiful, blended family are doing well!

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